You can now zoom with the iPhone camera!!!!

Zoom Cam adds a real-time digital zoom to the iPhone camera. Just use the zoom buttons while taking a picture to get the zoom you miss so much. It feels just like your old point and shoot camera.

When a photo is taken, it is automatically zoomed and cropped. Then it's stored in the iPhone's default Photo Library.

The zoom goes up to 4X digital zoom. Note that this is a digital zoom, so as you zoom in, some resolution is lost.

As an added bonus, Zoom Cam's image viewer uses Full-Res technology to show your images at their full resolution. The standard image viewer down-samples your images, so you lose detail when zoomed in. With Full-Res technology, you can zoom in beyond the native resolution of the images. For more information, see Full-Res details.


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Zoom Cam

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