GPS Tour Maps for iPhone

Touring the historic sites of Washington DC and Boston has never been easier.

With our new GPS Tour Map applications for the iPhone, you can see all of the important historical sites on high resolution maps with GPS Guidance.

Current Cities Available:
Washington, DC

-Detailed tourist map with all of Downtown Boston's major historical monuments, museums, parks, tourist attractions, roads, public bathrooms, subway stops, and more.

-The map is downloaded with the application, so no internet connection needed.

-iPhone users get easy to use GPS positioning. When the app starts it automatically tries to locate you on the map. All you have to do is press a single button to allow use of the GPS.

-Ultra high resolution map lets you zoom in very close by using pinch gestures.

-All labels can be read clearly.

-Landscape and portrait modes.

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Washington, DC
Available on App Store

Available on App Store