Downloading maps

1. Press + symbol in bookmarks page.
2. Browse to your favorite resort and select.
3. The map is now downloaded to your phone, and will stay there until you delete it. You wail NOT have to download it again.

Viewing maps

1. Press Paper/GPS button to toggle between the paper maps and the 3D maps.
2. For paper maps, zoom and pan with pinch and drag gestures.
3. For 3D maps you can:
-Pan by dragging one finger
-Rotate by dragging two fingers, or by twisting two fingers
-Zoom with pinch gestures

Recording tracks

1. Turn the iPhone's auto-lock off in the iPhones main settings area. It is under the "General" area.
2. Press the GPS locator button on lower left corner of screen to start the GPS.
3. The GPS is now logging your tracks and stats until you stop it by pressing the GPS icon again, or by exiting the application.
4. Do not turn off the screen using the lock/power button on top of iPhone! It will disable the GPS.

Viewing Stats

1. Press show stats to bring up your distance and vert stats.
2. You can change the units by pressing the Settings button.

Uploading Tracks

1. Create a new account in Settings area, or just fill out username and password if you already have an account.
2. Record some tracks if you haven't already.
3. Press upload tracks while in internet service to send to web.

View Tracks Online

1. Go to and click View Tracks.
2. Enter login info.
3. You can now view your tracks and stats.

View a Sample Track in Aspen

Export tracks to Google Earth or other 3rd party tool

1. If using Google Earth, make sure it is installed properly. You can download at
2. Press "KML" link next to the track you are interested in.
3. You can either save it to disk for use later, or just click open to launch Google Earth and view the track.

View a sample track in Google Earth