Unlock the hidden pixels in your photos!

Full-Res will make your iPhone photos look clearer!

Full-Res was designed to display large images like trail maps, comics, and images taken with high resolution cameras.  The default viewer displays these high resolution images as a blurry mess.  Full-Res uses a tile based rendering system to efficiently display these high resolution images.  You are free to zoom in closer, and see fine details.

An amazing "side effect" is that any image taken with the iPhone's camera can be made clearer at high zoom when displayed in Full-Res. 

The iPhone takes 2.0 megapixel images that are 1200X1600 pixels in size.  Unfortunately the default viewer does not display the images at their full resolution.  This leaves a pixelated/grainy appearance when zoomed in. 

Full-Res uses the default Photo Library, so you have instant access to all of the photos on your phone.  You can take images with the built in camera, get images from the web, or get images from your email.  All using the standard iPhone programs.  Then you can view the images in Full Res.

High resolution images from email or the web can be displayed at MUCH higher resolutions than in the default viewer.  We have tested images up to 4096X4096 pixels.    This allows you to view images at a high enough resolution to see fine details on maps, comics, or other images.

If you've ever wanted to zoom in more on an iPhone photo, or if you ever wanted to view a huge image on your phone, this app is for you!

The attached screenshot shows the real life difference in the same photo when viewed in Full-Res, and when viewed in the default photo viewer.  The results speak for themselves.

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