Frequently asked Questions:

Q. Are maps available for resorts outside of the USA?
A. As of version 1.3, the answer is YES!!! If you don't see your favorite resorts, let us know!! We give priority to resorts that users request.

Q. I checked the list of supported resorts, but I don't see the resort I'm looking for, do you support it?
A. Some of the European resorts are listed under their larger "domain". If you see one or more resorts in that domain, then ALL of the resorts in that domain are covered. The different maps are just centered around the named resort. For example The 4 Vallées map includes Verbier AND all of the other 4 Vallées resorts. If you're unsure about a resort, send us an email to verify or request a resort.

Q. I am only getting dotted lines when I record my tracks? Will the GPS work in my pocket, or in the trees?
A. The better the view of the sky, the better the GPS will perform. It is STRONGLY suggested that you put your phone in an arm or breast pocket so it has a better chance of acquiring a GPS signal.

Q. How big are the files for each resort?
A. Each resort is about 1.5-3MB. Once they're downloaded , they are on your phone until you delete them so you will NOT have to download them than once. The initial download is fast on wifi and 3G, but is slower on EDGE.

Q. Why does the GPS stop recording when I press the top button to turn off screen?
A. The iPhone automatically disables all running applications when the phone is locked. It also turns off the GPS receiver. That means you can't use the top lock button to turn off the screen.

Q. Won't it drain my battery faster to leave the phone on?
A. Yes, your phone will drain faster. Turning off wifi helps quite a bit. Have a full charge at the start of the day if you want to record tracks.

Q. Can I listen to music while using iTrailMap?
A. Yes, but you must set up your playlist before running the app, and you can only use the built in player.

Q. Can I see the names of the runs, names of lifts, etc?
A. You can see them on the paper maps, and toggle between the two. They are not on the 3D maps themselves,...yet...

Q.Where are the alaskan and Scandinavian resorts?
A. Unfortunately there is a delay in adding resorts this far north. We are working on the issue.