iTrailMap 3D combines traditional trail maps with GPS tracking and interactive 3D maps. You can see where you are on the mountain using the iPhone 3G's built in GPS receiver, record your tracks, and upload them to the web where you can view them in Google Earthâ„¢. You can also record your vert and distance skied.
iTrailMap is a free version that allows you to download paper maps to your iPod touch or iPhone for use on the slopes without a wifi or cellular connection. Just like in iTrailMap 3D, the maps are stored on your iPod touch until you delete them.
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Park Maps - GPS enabled maps of over 250 U.S. National Parks, Monuments, Recreation Areas, and more.
GPS Tours is a set of apps that provide high resolution city maps with GPS Guidance. Boston and Washington DC are currently available.
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Full-Res is a high resolution image viewer that can be used to view high resolution images of any kind. If you want to view a snowshoe map, snowmobile map, mountain bike map, comic, or just a high resolution photo from a high resolution camera. This app will let you view these images at their full resolution. It also makes images taken with the iPhone camera clearer at high zoom!!!

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